Integrate trauma-informed practices into your business for deeper client transformation while receiving support for your own nervous system and business growth, too. 

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    Rooted is a 4-month program that starts on February 15.
    You're invited to join this cozy cohort of no more than 8 people for a hands-on nurturing experience so you integrate what you learn for maximum impact.

    Is this a familiar cycle in your business?

    Chances are, you've spent time trying to figure out how to create better results in your business by doing these three things: working harder, searching for the perfect formula, and constantly working on your mindset.

    So have your clients. 
    In fact, they are looking for something that is really going to help them create change instead of the same ol' formulas and advice that don't address what's really going on. 

    In 2020, I had a surprising ah-ha that changed everything. 

    What's really running your business is not your strategy, business model, or pricing. It's not how hard you work. Underneath all of that is your nervous system and the way your brain is perceiving what's possible. 

    When you learn trauma-informed practices, a delightful side effect is when your self-judgment gets replaced with self-compassion. And that, my friend, is a game-changer for everything.
    Welcome to ROOTED. We do things differently here.

    Being trauma-informed is at the root of:

    • Having sustainable capacity to grow your business
    • Creating healthy boundaries and navigating conflict
    • Facing challenges with more grace (instead of avoidance)
    • Supporting clients effectively when they feel stuck
    • And much more...

    ROOTED is a great fit for you if you:

    • Understand how past lived experiences impact people’s beliefs, behaviors, and patterns and you want to gracefully navigate that with clients without focusing on the drama/trauma that keeps people stuck.
    • Care deeply about helping people create lasting transformation.
    • Are committed to integrated practices in your business that model the kind of world you want to live in.
    • Want to more deeply embody the valuable work you do in the world.
    • Want a more human-centered business that treats yourself and your clients with deep care.

    Is Trauma-Informed just the newest trend?

    Being a trauma-informed professional is gaining popularity in online business spaces, and for good reason.

    It’s a tremendous way to disrupt business-as-usual formulas that over-promise and under-deliver. 

    Yet, trauma and being trauma-informed are greatly misunderstood, misidentified, and misrepresented.

    Some people claim they are “trauma-informed,” but are they? What does that really mean?

    I need to make money in my business - is being trauma-informed really necessary? 

    "There is money to be made and things to do! Who has time for all of this sensitive stuff?"

    Some folks roll their eyes at being trauma-informed and carry on with “business as usual.” Being trauma-informed doesn't distract from your sales or marketing, in fact, it enhances it. 

    Being trauma-informed changes you, the way you facilitate transformation for your clients, how you sell and market, and how you support your own capacity and visibility. 

    In Rooted, you will:

    Understand what trauma is and isn’t, which is essential in being trauma-informed.

    Know what being trauma-informed is and integrate the key practices into your business so you minimize harm and create a robust and trustworthy business.

    Understand what’s behind your and your client’s limiting beliefs so you know how to work at the pace of their nervous system for sustainable and lasting change.

    Learn tools to embody self-compassion and curiosity for you and your clients.

    Receive 1-1 support to dissolve limiting beliefs and shift old patterns preventing you from reaching your goals. (So you build self-trust and confidence to follow through with what you want to create in your business.)

    Integrate trauma-informed practices into every aspect of your business, from your contracts, facilitation, client onboarding and offboarding, setting boundaries, managing conflict, sales, messaging, marketing, service delivery, pricing, and more. 

    Have access to me and an intimate community of fellow Rooted participants to get feedback, ask for support, and learn.

    How is ROOTED different than other trauma-informed programs?

    This program focuses on two core things commonly missing from other programs. First, how to integrate trauma-informed practices in very specific ways in your business vs just learning about what trauma-informed means. Second, Rooted offers 1:1 support for YOU as the business owner. 

    Rooted is taught in live interactive classes. This gives you an opportunity to interact with me and the other amazing people in your cohort. Other programs deliver their content with pre-recorded videos, which can be great if your learning preference works that way. (All live calls are recorded so you get access to them anytime.)

    There are no more than 10 people in a cohort. Research shows that for transformation and learning retention, smaller groups are better. This way, you get personal attention and support and can build meaningful connections within your cohort.

    I bring 15-plus years of business coaching and entrepreneurship experience. I bridge the gap between evidence-based trauma-informed practices and business, so what you learn is relevant and easy to integrate.

    I have been teaching aspects of trauma-informed marketing since 2017 and have doubled down on my trauma-informed training and education since 2020.

    This program is focused on small-business owners and will emphasize service-based businesses. Trauma-informed is helpful for ANY industry, and it will be integrated in specific ways when you, as the business owner, have many hats to wear for your small business. 

    (To see my qualifications and experience, see my information at the end of this page.)

    ROOTED has two foundations:
    One for your clients and one for you.

    • Turn trauma-informed principles into tangible practices so your clients are supported, empowered, and delighted with their experience with you. 
    • Clients look forward to your content, including your marketing.
    • Joyful client onboarding so it's more than just a transaction, and your clients feel valued from the very beginning.
    • Satisfied client offboarding, so your clients feel valued after they are complete working with you. This helps create organic and genuine referrals and testimonials. 
    • Every interaction with you supports their transformation from the selling process, contract, and delivery of what you are providing. 
    • Have a deeper transformation because their nervous systems are more supported, which supports learning and their ability to implement what they learn.
    • Feel heard, seen, and valued because you know how to create an environment that honors their lived experiences and unique goals.
    • Are empowered to make aligned choices for themselves, which builds their self-trust and self-belief.

    • Strengthen you self-belief, which increases your ability to take action toward your goals.
    • Feel safe to be seen, which improves your marketing consistency and more.
    • Drop the hustle culture and experience rest and joy.
    • Have deeper self-trust in who you are, what you offer, and what you charge.
    • Have healthy boundaries that support you and your clients.
    • Your business is more inclusive because you understand people have different lived experiences, and you know how to honor and see that. (I am not a DEI expert, and this does not replace anti-racism and DEI work.)
    • You stand behind your work with more genuine confidence and own your value, which helps you to be more consistent in your marketing and charge aligned pricing for your work.
    • You have the foundation to run a sustainable business without burning out.

    Join the Waitlist

    To join the waitlist when doors open to the next cohort (Fall 2024), add your name and email address.

      By joining this waitlist, you will receive regular newsletters and be the first to be notified when the next ROOTED cohort is open for registration.

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      5 Myths of Being Trauma-Informed

      Only therapists and healthcare workers need to be (or can be) trauma-informed.

      Truth: Being trauma-informed is applicable in ANY industry, ANY business, and ANY community. Being trauma-informed benefits everyone, including you as the business owner.

      You do not need to be a mental health professional or in the medical profession to be trauma-informed. There is a difference between being a trauma-trained professional who helps people process their acute trauma versus being trauma-informed.

      Trauma only refers to "really hard" stuff like war, assault, natural disasters, etc. 

      Truth: Trauma has been a taboo topic for many reasons. As more research emerges, trauma is often much more covert than catastrophic experiences. When people understand what trauma really is, they see themselves and everyone around them in a new light.

      This is why understanding what trauma really is from the perspective of the brain and nervous system is the first module we cover.

      I’ve lived through and healed my own trauma, so I can help others heal their trauma.
      Truth: Continually doing your own inner work and healing your trauma is part of being trauma-informed, but it's only one of six important elements. 

      Being trauma-experienced doesn't mean you are trauma-informed. 

      Being trauma-informed means that I can and should help people process their trauma.
      Truth: Unless you receive appropriate trauma training and are in a profession that works with actively traumatized people, it's outside of your scope of practice to help people process their trauma.

      Part of being trauma-informed is knowing when it's time to refer a client to someone who is more trauma-trained, which is part of what you'll learn in Rooted.

      Trauma is just the newest trend; people need to have more resilience and stop being so sensitive. 
      Truth: When we acknowledge what someone has experienced, that's when people heal. Gaslighting someone to "be tougher" only adds harm to the world.

      Trauma impacts everyone, either directly or indirectly. Integrating trauma-informed skills and perspectives will enhance both your personal and professional life.

      What's Included in ROOTED


      Calls are 75 minutes and recorded. 

      You have lifetime access to all course materials. 

      Lifetime access means that if I ever retire the program, you will have the opportunity to download materials before the program is removed.

      Modules Included:

      1. What is trauma?

      - How the brain and nervous system are impacted. 

      - How behaviors, patterns, and beliefs form through the lens of trauma.

      2. The six principles of being trauma-informed. We will have a deep dive into each one with specific ways to integrate them into your life and business.

      3. Tools to practice compassion for yourself and your clients, including how to stay curious when working with client's challenges.

      4. Communication and facilitation tools to create trauma-informed spaces (in person and virtual, and for 1:1 and group work)

      5. Trauma-informed service delivery for private sessions, group facilitation, events (in-person and virtual), and client onboarding/offboarding

      6. Trauma-informed practices for your business, including contracts, pricing, payment plans, boundaries, messaging/copywriting, marketing, and managing conflict.

      7. How to navigate your own trauma-based beliefs that show up in your business through nervous-system regulating practices, self-coaching, and 1:1 self-belief and Parts Work coaching.

      8. Visibility and consistency in your business through the lens of your nervous system. (You're not lazy, a procrastinator, or unmotivated; your nervous system just needs to feel safe.)


      Calls are 75 minutes and recorded.

      Each month, we'll focus on a specific area of your business for integration. This way, you're not just learning, but you're implementing what you learn. 

      This is where you'll customize your learning to your business.



      • Worksheets and templates for trauma-informed content, sales pages, contracts, and more.
      • Micro lessons to refresh your memory on concepts you learn in the program.
      • Access to my library of resources, including academic research, books, videos, and more.
      • Lifetime means for the duration this program is available. Should I retire a program, you will be notified to download any materials you would like.


      Self-guided audios to support you with nervous system regulation, self-compassion, and self-trust. 


      To receive your certificate of completion, you must complete the following by December 1, 2024:

      - Attend 100% of the calls. Attend as many of the live calls as you can. For any missed live calls, listen to the recording. 

      - Complete all check-in assignments. These are reflection questions to answer in the online portal for each module. 

      - Show that you completed the integration exercises. These are the practices like creating trauma-informed contracts, adjusting your sales process if necessary, etc. (You will be guided every step of the way for these exercises.)


      1. Trauma-Informed Marketing Program (this will be released in May 2024)

      2. Creating Engaging Content and Graphics

      3. Soul Vision Planner and Program

      Bonus Details:

      1. Trauma-Informed Marketing Program

      I have taught my Intuitive Marketing Method since 2015, and it's getting an update to center trauma-informed marketing practices. This program is an online self-paced program that includes some community Q&A calls. Details will be released by May 2024.

      2. Creating Engaging Content and Graphics

      I'm bringing my 20-year experience in graphic design/desktop publishing and evidence-based principles of how the brain takes in information in a hands-on 90-minute workshop. Details will be announced in April 2024.

      3. Soul Vision Planner and Program

      I love planners! But I couldn't find one that worked for me as a business owner. So, I created my own. This beautiful planner and online program walks you through how to set your goals for each month and each week. The planner is undated, so you can start it any time of the year. Plus, this means I'll be sending you something in the mail, which I love to do. 

      ROOTED is for business owners who:
      • Value being trauma-informed and are committed to integrating the practices into your business.
      • Have had a service-based business for 2+ years.
      • Have the time to show up live to the calls and fully participate. (Live attendance is not mandatory, I highly recommend attending at least 80% of the live calls. To receive your certificate of completion, you will need to listen to 100% of the calls. I know that life happens. However, it's important to make time for this as this is intentionally a small group, and your presence makes a difference. If you know you can't fully participate, I recommend taking ROOTED at another time.)
      • Work with individuals, groups, and/or organizations.
      • Desire a sustainable business that supports living a full life, including financial sustainability, connection, community, and creative expression.
      • Deeply care about people and the world.
      • Are willing to take accountability WHEN you mess up because you recognize you are a human and perfection isn't the goal.
      • Value equity, justice, and inclusion and are doing ongoing learning and taking actions to dismantle systems of oppression.

      This is NOT for you if you:

      • Are thinking about running a business but haven’t officially started.
      • Align with the “boss babe” and hustle culture and are focused on building your “empire.”
      • Bypass real-life experiences and real-world issues with “love and light.”
      • Aren't willing to look at how you have caused harm and will do so again because we are all imperfect humans.
      • Insist that businesses should not take a political stand when justice, democracy, and equity are threatened.
      • Are in active or acute trauma without professional mental health support. (If you are in frequent active trauma responses and dysregulation that are negatively impacting your life, I encourage you to work with a mental health professional and come back to this program at a later time.)

      Questions? Send me a Voxer at angelamj. Or email

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      To join the waitlist when doors open to the next cohort (Fall 2024), add your name and email address.

        By joining this waitlist, you will receive regular newsletters and be the first to be notified when the next ROOTED cohort is open for registration.

        We respect your privacy. Unsubscribe at any time.

        My Experience, Training, and Qualifications

        Overall, I’ve had 3+ years of trauma and trauma-informed specific training and education, 9+ years of unplugging from toxic marketing strategies, and 15+ years of entrepreneurial training and experience. 

        The most recent experience is listed first: 

        • University Level 
          • As part of a master's program, I conducted IRB-approved research about how trauma impacts business owners (2022); I’m currently adding to that research and pursuing publication.
          • Master of Professional Communication (December 2023) from Weber State University in Ogden, UT; Emphasized all projects on trauma-informed research and practices, including a white paper, research papers, presentations, business consulting plans, and more.
          • Currently pursuing a second master's in Community and Organizational Leadership with a Trauma-Informed and Restorative Justice emphasis at Westminster University in Salt Lake City, UT.
            • Trauma-specific courses to date, including Community and Organizational Leadership and Neuroscience of Trauma. I am working on a second research study focusing on how trauma impacts organizations and teams.
          • Reviewed 100+ academic journal articles and research about trauma and trauma-informed practices.
          • Developed an Intro to Trauma-Informed Communication curriculum for the university level (December 2023).

        Certifications and Additional Training:

        • Certificate of completion as a Self-Belief coach by Sas Petherick (November 2023); certification is in process. This body of work helps people identify and shift their protective beliefs to overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage.

        • Somatic Parts Work Training:
          - IFS Online (2021-22)
          - Focusing levels 1 and 2 (2023)
          - 60+ hours of practicum application with clients and co-facilitators, including learning various parts-work approaches from mentors and practitioners.

        • Certificate of Completion from Cultivate, Katie Kurtz’s trauma-informed training program (March 2023).

        • Trauma of Money Certified Practitioner (2022); 9-month program understanding money trauma, history of inequitable money practices, and tools to heal and create a safe relationship with money.

        • Copywriting for Culture Makers certification with Kelly Diels (currently awaiting certification - December 2023).

        • Completed Creating Safer Spaces program with Shelby Leigh (2021).

        • Ongoing DEI and anti-racism work, including Trudi Lebron’s AIM program in 2020; currently a founding member of Trudi’s EICC (Institute of Equity-Centered Coaching).

        Additional Business Experience:

        • 5+ years of emotionally intelligent team-building and facilitation. 

        • 15+ years of coaching, facilitating, and consulting hundreds of clients and over 2,500 students worldwide.

        • Participated in dozens of business-building programs and courses since 2008.

        I Walk My Talk:

        • I actively engage in my own trauma and healing  (2020 to present). I work with a therapist, do regular parts work sessions with another facilitator, do personal practices, and more. 

        • I'm always learning about trauma, being trauma-informed, and integrating things into my own life and business.

        I’ve participated in additional trauma-informed training classes and programs that either were lacking or weren't, in fact, trauma-informed. Therefore, I’m not mentioning them by name here.

        The Spring 2024 cohort is FULL. 
        Please join the waitlist below to be notified when the next cohort is open for registration. 

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        To join the waitlist when doors open to the next cohort (Fall 2024), add your name and email address.

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