What if you could nourish yourself in ways that also created the biggest changes in your life?

The world tells us that if we just work harder, stay focused, and fix our mindset, we'll change the patterns and behaviors we wish were different. 

But, if that was all we needed, then we would create change a lot easier. 

There's another way...

At Nourish, you will experience life-changing tools that will help you create shifts in your life in gentle and compassionate ways.

Why does that matter? When your nervous system and beliefs are supported, then the changes you desire actually last.

(This is especially refreshing when society is bombarding us
with the myths of why we're not good enough.)

At Nourish, you will: 

  • Explore tools to set your year into motion with more ease, joy, and self-trust. 

  • Let go of old wounds, beliefs, and patterns that are blocking you from seeing what's possible. 

  • Experience how incredible you are, exactly as you are, even with your past choices, challenges, and experiences. 

  • Embody your inherent worth and connect to your path forward to create a life that brings you peace, contentment, joy, abundance, and connection. (You don't have to work harder or be more ambitious for these things to be your daily experience.)

  • Understand how the beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that feel like they prevent you from reaching your dreams and goals are not sabotaging you, they are protecting you. (When you understand and see what the protective belief is, that's when change is possible.)

  • Let go of self-judgment and tap into your body's tremendous wisdom as one of your biggest allies. 

  • Learn simple tools to stop fixating on what’s wrong with you or why you’re not doing the things you know you could be or "should" be doing.

  • See your patterns for what they are and how you can change them or accept them. You're never stuck with things like, "Well, I'm just a procrastinator," or "I'm just that kind of a person." Patterns aren't inherently good or bad, there are patterns that either support us or don't. 

  • Tap into your inner wisdom to know what your next steps are. You'll open up to possibilities that were there all along, and now you can see them more clearly. 

During this one-day immersion, you'll nourish the deepest parts of yourself, the parts that you may have even judged or desperately wished were different. 

You'll experience the three pillars of Nourish:


In a world that tells us logic is the most important thing, we know there is more than that.

Our intuition is a primary guidance system. Our body is an infinite source of wisdom, healing, and guidance, too. 

Embodiment is tapping into the somatic (body’s sensations) in safe and gentle ways to ease tension and explore what parts of us need support. By practicing various ways of embodiment, you’ll tap into guidance for your life and deepen your self-trust.

The result? Instead of hoping that your dreams are possible, you'll know that your dreams are inevitable.


There is ALWAYS another explanation as to why we do the things we do. 

Most people spend a lot of time trying to figure out, “What’s wrong with me?”

When we reframe that to understand that our choices, behaviors, and patterns are protecting us from something.

When we explore what that “something” is we can reframe the narrative and change our beliefs. 


Who doesn’t need a bit (or a lot) more self-compassion?

Through the embodiment and reframing process, what becomes available to us is radical compassion. 
Not spiritual bypassing or toxic positivity, but deeply embodied self-compassion.

 This helps bring more peace and more awareness of what IS working so you can amplify more of that in your life.

When you are rooted in compassion, you get out of negative self-talk much faster and see new possibilities.


Nutritious snacks and green juice in the morning

A swag bag ($20 value) featuring a few of our favorite things.

Nutritious and delicious lunch (vegetarian and gluten-free are available)

A group pre-call before the event to set your intention; the date will be announced soon*

A group post-call two weeks after the event to continue your momentum and receive support as you integrate back into "real life;" the date will be announced soon.*

*The pre- and post-calls will both be recorded so you can re-listen. We encourage you to attend live if you can.

Tools to use for the rest of your life. 

This is not a 1-day workshop that will tell you what you've heard for decades like, "just believe in yourself more," or wake up earlier to be more productive. Nah, been there, done that, right? 

These are tools that took us decades to discover and when we did, it changed everything. 

***Nourish is limited to up to 25 participants.***

Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024

Time: 10-5; morning snacks will be available at 9:45 a.m. Lunch will be served at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Westminster University; in the Dolores Doré Eccles Health, Wellness and Athletic Center (HWAC)
1840 S 1300 E, SLC, UT 84105 

*Free and easy-access parking included; Directions and parking details will be sent upon registration. 

Investment: Early-bird pricing is $200 or two monthly payments of $100. (The 2-pay option expires on December 27.) Starting January 5, the cost is $225.



What I'm bringing to you during Nourish:
As a certified yoga therapist and seasoned chanting practitioner, I will be guiding you to connect with your body to access your intuition and innermost wisdom.  

Throughout the day, I'll guide a variety of embodiment practices and gentle movement where you'll find more peace within your body and tap into the courage within to go after your goals in a new way.

I'm known for my ability to help you uncover blocks and embody your deepest dreams. You'll get in touch with what's possible. 


What I'm bringing to you during Nourish:
I am a trauma-informed facilitator of transformation. I use evidence-based tools to help you shift your beliefs, and deepen your self-compassion and self-trust. 

Using parts work [Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Focusing], I help you identify the parts that feel like they are holding you back or repeating old coping mechanisms like a well-played record so you can create change. 

I'm a guide who activates curiosity so you can detox from overworking and worry and create different results with ease and joy. 


  • Over 40 collective years of facilitating transformational events and workshops.
  • Dozens of trainings and certifications between coaching, yoga, parts work, leadership, spiritual modalities, and more.
  • 25+ years (collectively) of running our own businesses and working with clients and groups around the world.
  • Facilitating international retreats.
  • A combined passion for making the world better through giving back to our local communities and clients.

Questions about Nourish? 
Email jacqueline@spiritedpractice.com

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