Here's How it Works:

1. Choose what session type you want from the options below (see the full descriptions below if you need more details).

2. Pay for your session

3. You will then receive an email with your booking link and prep work.

4. Book your session time. If you don't see a time that works, book what is available then reach out and we'll find a time that works.

5. Submit your prep work 72 hours before your session.

6. I review your information. 

7. We meet for your private 60-minute sessions where the magic unfolds. 

8. After the session, I recap the details and send you an overview that you can implement right away in your business. 

*You save months of time and boost your clarity and confidence in your business.

    Session Availability: 

    When you receive the booking link, note that I typically schedule sessions on the second week of the month on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 

    If my schedule doesn't work for you, simply book any session time and we'll manually adjust it to a time that does work for you, including a time zone adjustment if you are in a different time zone. 

    If you want to meet sooner than when I have available, please book the earliest session you can and fill out the form, and contact me to see what other availability I have and I'll do my best to find something that works sooner. However, I cannot guarantee that there will be a session sooner. 

    Session Details:

    Content Mapping Session:

    I ask you powerful questions and capture the brilliance that comes out of your mouth. (trust me, with the right questions you unleash pure gold!) We then turn that into content topics for the next 3+ months. 

    This includes specific content to share through newsletters, social media, videos, audios, and visual graphics. Typically clients walk away with topics for six months of what to share to create engagement and magnetic sales without always having to overtly sell.


    Craft Your Offer:

    Not sure how to put your offer together in a way that's joyful, profitable, and effective? In this session, we craft your next offer, including aligned pricing, that has you want to buy your own stuff.

    Pre-requisite: You know who your ideal client is and the general scope of how you serve them. You have sold offers before.


    Marketing Plan Session:

    Creating a 1-page marketing plan that works is easy if you have the right framework. In this session, we map out your simple marketing plan with immediate next steps and timelines so you can take action and sell your offers more consistently.

    Pre-requisite: You must have an offer that you've already sold at least once and be clear on your audience and selling points.


    Messaging/Copywriting Session:

    Not sure how to say what you do? Stuck on messaging for a specific project like a page on your website, your bio, or something else? This session can be used to work through messaging or co-write copy that needs to be done in your business. This includes things like updating a page on your website, writing your bio, and more.


    Website Review: 

    I provide a screenshot video of up to five pages on your site to provide feedback through four lenses: 

     1. Energetic: how does the page feel and does a person's energy stay on the page?

    2. Messaging and Copy: are you communicating what you want to be communicating in a way that's authentic and compelling? 

    3. Layout and design: are the colors, images, formatting, spacing, and visual elements all on point and contributing to the message you want to be communicating?

    4. Strategy: does the page do what you want it to do? Is there a clear Call-to-action?

    After I send you my review, we then meet for 30 minutes for any questions you have.

    Pre-requisite: You have a working website with at least three pages.


    Something else? 

    Do you need an hour to ask questions, get a clear picture of what's next in your business? An hour with me could be just the support you need. 


    If you have any questions or are not sure what session will serve you the most, email:

    *Your session must be booked within 45 days of purchasing your session with the exception if my schedule is booked out longer than 45 days. If you do not book within 45 days, you can roll over 50% of your investment up to 90 days of your purchase. After 90 days and you have not booked your session, you forfeit your session time and there are no refunds.

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